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My Story, My Success, My Business Is Yours:

A Guide To Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Type II

Although, I was aware of my family’s history with the ABC’s of Diabetes,

it didn’t involve my immediate health. I was young, and had so many

things prioritized in life, health was not pressing. Bad health was

something I anticipated would come as I got older. The importance of

good health and developing good eating habits were not taking seriously

and only became important when I was diagnosed, pre-diabetic. Once I

was affected and I began to learn, of options that could have prevented

and/or possibly could reverse the diagnosis, is when my journey started.

I began to research Type II diabetes and, learned so much about habits,

diet, exercise, and alternatives. I felt compelled to share the good news.

Ultimately during my journey, I learned getting older was not synonymous

with bad health, and being pre-disposed, from family genetics, did not

mean, I was doomed.

Upon researching the statistics for Diabetes, especially in the African

American community I was shocked. However, the thought that being

informed could minimize these numbers became a passion of mine. I

became determined to assist people in my community by planting the

seeds, that will bring forth their fruit, of good health.

“To succeed you have to believe in something with such passion, that it

becomes reality” (Anita Roddick). This book is my reality. It’s brief but

covers the 4 components of Diabetes reversal by low carb diet, low

calorie diet, weight control and lifestyle change. The information

disseminated here can start you on the road to prevention and/or reversal

of Type II Diabetes.

Sad Statistics

“3.2 million or nearly 13 percent of all African Americans 20 years or

older have Diabetes; 25 percent of African-Americans between 65-74 are

affected; it’s the fourth leading cause of death in the African-American

community; and one of 4 African Americans 55 years of age has


(American Podiatric Medical Association), APMA.

My ProductMy Story, My Success, My Business Is Yours: A Guide To Preventing and Reversing Diabetes Type II